Questionnaire Builder

In my experience, clients prefer to draft survey questionnaires in Word so they can easily review and edit the document. This tool uses a tried and tested format that is simple for researchers/clients and easy for programmers. Even if you’re not involved in designing questionnaires, this demo gives you an idea of the kinds of features you can use for other types of documents. The goal is to solve the most common pain points in the process:

  1. Automatically update numbering – if a question is removed or added between two existing questions, it’s very easy to automatically update numbering with a single click.
  2. Multi-part question numbering – easily switch from 1, 2, 3 to 1A, 1B, 1C and back again.
  3. Response renumbering – for when response choices are added.
  4. Change from single select to multiple select responses and back again.
  5. Keep question references up to date – No more out-of-sync programming instructions! References to question numbers are automatically kept up to date as those questions are renumbered.
  6. Build Likert scale tables – it’s easy to set up a table grid with commonly used Likert scales and number of points. Dialog draws from an editable Excel file, so you can customize scales to your standards.
  7. Re-use common questions – pull from a library of commonly used questions that you can maintain.
  8. Set up custom response formats – automatically build tables for special question types; use included examples or add your own.
  9. Import responses from bullet list – easily convert a numbered or bulleted list from an email or other document into survey response table format.
  10. Insert commonly used symbols – such as open-end boxes, single-select choices, multi-select choices, and dropdowns.
  11. And many more – tool can be customized and new/proprietary features added for your own use.

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.MSIDownloadInstallation InstructionsUser GuideThis single file will automatically install Questionnaire Builder and its supporting components into the correct folders on your computer
.ZIPDownloadInstallation InstructionsUser GuideIf you are blocked from running .msi installation files, download this zip file containing the components and follow the instructions for manually installing the files on your computer with no IT help needed.