We have worked with Bryce for many years. The intuitive automation tool he created for us allows us to easily create offer letters for our candidates.  We have thousands of variations for our offer letters and this tool ensures we have consistent formats and language for every letter.  We have made several large overhauls to the language over the years, as well as general updates on a regular basis. Bryce is so easy to work with; he asks good questions, makes reasonable assumptions, and he is timely in his follow up and to return the updates. This tool has saved our team countless hours and ensures legal and organizational compliance.  I would highly recommend Versatile Solutions for any automation needs you have.  
Aimee Schwartz, BOK Financial
I can’t tell you how much easier you have made this time of year for us. Just to give you an idea, we typically can get about 20 forms each done a day and now we are getting 40 done a day with your changes!! 
Erica Muller, Heartwood Ecological Consulting
Bryce is super competent and driven. All the projects we collaborated on together he showed up with enthusiasm, patience, and attention to detail. The PowerPoint toolbar he built made a great impact on our brand governance and the helped the work of our teams to be more agile.
Soraya Amorim, Global Design Director, Hall & Partners