Instructions for Installing Free Trial of Questionnaire Builder using ZIP file

Download the .zip file from this website.

Make sure your Word application is closed.

Extract (UnZip) the .zip file. The result will be five files:

  1. Questionnaire_Builder.dotm
  2. Questionnaire_Template.dotx
  3. Question_Library.dotm
  4. QreBuilderContent.xlsx
  5. Questionnaire Builder Toolbar USER GUIDE.pdf

Move or copy these files (bulleted below) to the following locations on your computer:


  • Questionnaire_Builder.dotm

(Hint: When you get to C:\users\{username}, if the AppData folder is not visible, click into the top address bar and add \AppData to the end of the current address and hit Enter, then you can finish drilling down to the correct folder.)


  • QreBuilderContent.xlsx
  • Questionnaire_Template.dotx
  • Question_Library.dotm
  • Questionnaire Builder Toolbar USER GUIDE.pdf

This is a new folder you will need to create manually before moving the files into this location.

From now on, each time you start Word, the toolbar will be available. Look for the “Questionnaire” tab in the ribbon menu.

The first time you use the toolbar, you will need to set the Content Library location:

  • Launch Word
  • Go to the “Questionnaire” tab in the menu
  • Utilities, Set Content Library
  • Use the “Browse” button to browse to the QBContentLibrary folder you created above.
  • OK, OK, OK.

This location will be remembered for future Word sessions.